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Global Pan Law Options

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asked Dec 30, 2015 in Studio One Feature Requests by Funkybot (21,370 points)
edited Dec 30, 2015 by Funkybot
Several DAWs allow you to set a global pan law for all projects, S1 does not. You can Google "Pan Laws" for more details. I'd like to see some different Pan Laws built into Studio One. Bonus points if Pan Laws could be over-ridden individually on stereo tracks without having to use the Dual Pan plugin.

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answered Dec 30, 2015 by AlexTinsley (849,970 points)
Thanks for the suggestion.

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please vote on it.
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answered Jun 29, 2016 by Scoox (12,160 points)
Yep and hopefully more pan option such as dual pan etc (may I recommend Reaper as a reference).
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answered Dec 4, 2016 by aaroncampbell1 (2,250 points)
Pan law options would be a HUGE plus.
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answered Jan 14, 2018 by kimbaekgaard (240 points)

Request:  Pan Law: -6 Db = Mono compatible !!
Studio One only has Pan Law -3 Db    :-(

When you make a mix, and can have Pan law : +6 db , and then later choose to change the panning of some instruments , your mix will still be inthe same balance, when it's played back on mono ... This is very important for being compatible = Proffs  ... :-)

Please :-)

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answered Dec 21, 2018 by jurijgianlucaricotti (2,000 points)
Yes Please the global pan law option. thanks