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Including an Automatic Vocal Alignment as Part of the Studio One 4 (Like New Cubase 10 Vocal Alignment System)

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asked Mar 21 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by pooyakh (400 points)
As a Studio One user, I guess integrating a native Automatic Vocal Alignment system into Studio One 4 would be a great idea.

I know that PreSonus is collaborating with Synchro Arts but one cannot avoid the fact that Synchro Arts products are very expensive. Meanwhile, Cubase in its latest update included this feature as part of the DAW.

Great editing tools of Studio One is really lacking an automatic system for vocal alignment as they can save great deal of time and energy!

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answered Mar 21 by jm12 (450 points)
they gave us vocalign for that
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answered Mar 23 by sasarajak (3,120 points)
Vocalign that costs mire than Studio One :)

And who keeps voting down good ideas anyway?
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answered Aug 29 by renzodatall (170 points)
Upvote for vocal alignment
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answered Sep 30 by rasheid2kx (400 points)
I would really this implemented in Studio One soon