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Track Templates for Audio

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asked Dec 30, 2015 in Studio One Feature Requests by Funkybot (20,030 points)
edited May 28, 2016 by Funkybot
At the moment, Studio One doesn't allow for audio track templates. Example: when I record live drums I always use the same 8 inputs/channels, and always use a similar set of effects, so I'd like a pre-loaded template I can call up for drum tracks (note: you can do this with virtual instruments, but not audio).

The feature request is, allow users to create a set of audio track templates that could include:

1. One or more audio tracks (think of the "drums" scenario where you'd want to recall 8 channels)

2. All insert effects

3. Any busses/effects

4. Any sends/effects

5. Channel input/output settings (example, if my OH's inputs are always channel's 1 and 2, and Kick channel 3, these should be recalled)

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answered Dec 30, 2015 by AlexTinsley (696,590 points)
Thanks for the suggestion.

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please vote on it.
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answered Jan 3, 2016 by jpettit (11,080 points)
Thanks for putting this FR in. Can't believe it was not there already consider this has been on the top 3 list for five years. :-)
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answered Jan 3, 2016 by jpettit (11,080 points)
Here is a link to  a discussion I started on the FR 3 years ago but unfortunately  I have deleted all my  pictures since then.

Will have to redo them some time.
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answered Feb 24, 2016 by jpettit (11,080 points)
Best answer

Added simple Audio track template example. All parameters of the existing Add track are stored in the template. If Output bus does not exists then create.

Will add a more complex one involving FX bus and  multiple tracks next.

Simple Audio Preset



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answered Feb 26, 2016 by jpettit (11,080 points)
Really surprised this one is not ranking much higher.

It has finished in the top three for 5 years.
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answered Apr 30, 2016 by jpettit (11,080 points)

I will continue to try to promote this  FR as I believe it is in the top 5 gap areas of Studio One..

If you always record the same tracks and channels in the same order then the existing song starting templates make sense.

However I believe most  have a preferred set up for a particular instrument.

  • Drums for example can involve many channels with optionally several sub buses along with an assortment of compressor EQ and  FX sends.
  • Drum samplers ( Addictive, Ezdrummer etc.) can also use a standard multi-track set up.
  • Amp simulators often require the same compressors, EQ and FX sends
  • Vocal also will typically have a chain of FX and sends.

Track template logically fall between  (song templates > track templates > FX templates (chains)  and are currently a workflow gap with Studio One.

As mentioned earlier this was in the top 5 for as many years but has failed to get the necessary votes to make a 3.5 feature list.

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answered May 28, 2016 by MarkyGoldstein (6,180 points)
edited May 28, 2016 by MarkyGoldstein
Is there a DAW out there coming with this?

Maybe it should include VCA tracks, busses, fx tracks and console scenes, etc.
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answered Dec 11, 2017 by kenmatson (2,300 points)
Big plus one from a sonar refugee! In addition to the things listed, of course it should also include fader level,  pan setting , gain setting .... which I know doesn't even exist yet LOL! But hoping it will soon!
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answered Dec 18, 2017 by zoheirmokeddem (370 points)
It's all about templates !!! even made some templates for my automations .... typical ones i do !!
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answered Dec 27, 2017 by Magic Russ (1,040 points)
A lot of this can be handled by the multi-instrument, which is in many ways more capable than a Sonar Track Template.

However, for multi-track things, a track template would be nice to have too.  Plus the track template already would have the name, color, and track icon set.
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answered Jan 5 by kennilsen (450 points)

As a newcomer from SONAR, this is one of the few things I miss.

It would make for a huge improvement for me, so +1.

All the best.
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answered Jan 12 by Magic Russ (1,040 points)
OP should also have listed automation tracks.  If you had a track template for whatever guitar sim you may be use, it would really be convenient to have automation tracks already defined for the controllers you want to use.
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answered Jan 25 by neiljordan1 (12,810 points)

This just got added to Pro Tools in v2018.1. Don't want to fall behind them!

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answered Mar 8 by robertgray3 (17,250 points)
The broader the approach to track templates, the better. IMHO. It would be great if they could include any kind of track. Audio, instrument, FX, bus, etc.

I've been trying to think of a good use case that would cover a lot of ground. Let's say we want a "track template" for adding Real Vocals and a Virtual Piano all with the same Reverb to an existing session/instrumental for a live vocal and piano.

I would love it if the same template could include:

- An audio track setup to record through my main input with my desired FX chain for vocals.

- An instrument track with a sampler like Kontakt and 2 stereo outputs, as if Kontakt was running a piano and a string pad to 2 separate outputs.

- An FX track with Reverb. The vocal and the piano/pad are both routed to it.

The idea here being that it doesn't matter if they're audio, instrument, or FX tracks, they're just as easy to drop as a group into a session in progress.
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answered Apr 2 by lucaspetruzzini (420 points)

Thanks robertgray3 for directing me here! Voted on this FR!

Those of us who joined Studio One from Sonar (and there are MANY of us) are badly missing Sonar's most beloved feature - track (or channel) templates. With one click, we were able to insert a track/channel that had already been set up in a previous mix, for a particular type of instrument. A track template could have any number of outputs, busing, effects EQ, dynamics, panning, gain, color etc., already built into it, which was tremendously helpful in reducing production time.

Currently in S1 (unless I'm mistaken), we have to rebuild unique tracks from scratch, every time. The closest feature I've found in S1 is the ability to save an FX chain, which is only a small part of what was available with track templates. Opening another song template just to find that perfectly configured track/channel and then copying it, simply isn't an effective solution.

It would be amazing if you Presonus could build this feature into upcoming releases of Studio One 3!

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answered Apr 9 by nickaa (1,220 points)

same here, +1000.
i would love f.e. to setup impact (or any multitimbral/multioutput instrument) with its own tracks per pad in the arrange and individual outputs on the mixer (even with insert plugins), all packed into a foldertrack which is routed to its own mixerbus and be able to just select the tracks in the arrange and drag these to the browser to save that specific configuration. much like musicloops, but for multiple tracks.
in fact, this should work with whatever track combination. there's thousands of meaningful possibilities to use this feature.

btw - someone here asked, if there's a host available that can do this - yes. reaper can do this.

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answered Apr 26 by almazmusic (340 points)
Can't believe it's not there yet. Simply S1 is unusable with VEP, Omnisphere, Kontakt, Workstation and all other multi-timbral VST's that required some time to config its audio outputs and midi inputs to instrument. In the middle of 2018. Just can't believe...

Back to Live 10 :(