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How do I set up midi channels for different zones and gap pads for the Pearl EM1 Malletstation through Studio One?

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asked Mar 26, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by erickrebs (120 points)
I am trying to use Studio One with the Malletstation to have 2 zones (A and B) on the instrument with different sounds for each zone and also to have different sounds for the programmable gap pad keys for multiple percussion. How do I set this up? I spent hours on it, thought I had it (without knowing what I was doing), saved my song and settings and then tried to go back to it and lost everything. It reverted back to different settings for that song. I am new to Midi, Studio One and Malletstation and cannot find a tutorial anywhere that shows how to do this, only videos that show it in a finished setup. Help!

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answered May 1 by dietrichweber (140 points)
I would also have liked to have an answer !!!I find it pathetic that presonius does NOT offer support for user... ;(