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Dynamic voices playback for tutti, divisi and alike

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asked Apr 11, 2019 in Notion Feature Requests by andreaspada1 (920 points)

Hi! I'm currently testing Notion, and I'm pretty impressed by its playback and performance mechanism. I'm getting used to it's somewhat minimalist approach in editing feature, but it seems quite powerful for the most uses. Some feature I would love to see - and, actually, something could makes the difference out there - is the possibility to select some sounds to be played by same voice, when not other staff voices are used. So, for example, if I have a staff for a violins section, I could assign voices as per example:

  1. To Violin Solo
  2. To Divisi section (chamber)
  3. To Tutti (larger section)
Then, if I wrote only on the 1st voice, it plays ALL instruments in unison. If I play wrote both 1st and 2nd voices, I could decide if the 1st voice carry ONLY the solo, or both solo and divisi section. Writing all three voices, plays solo on first, divisi on second and tutti on third voices, respectively.
That's will be an HUGE time saver, and provide for a much more cleaner staff view for larger ensembles which need occasional divisi or solos but need to provide unison playback for layered sections.

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