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Feature Requests: Markers Within Regions & Grab Tool

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asked Apr 16, 2019 in Editing by simonjameslane (840 points)

Hi Folks @ Presonus,

A couple of feature requests as I do a little bit of post/mixing work and these could really make my life easier:

I couldn't find preexisting entries for these, at least not after a quick initial search this wording, but please forgive any double-ups of ideas/requests. Likewise with the tagging conventions and whatnot. I'm not usually a forum-goer (no disrespect), I've just been directed here by one of your support staff as the appropriate place to submit feature requests. 

  1. Markers within regions. I'm pretty sure Logic can do this, but I'm sure Studio One can do it better and really streamline how it works. 
    1. These region markers can be snapped to if so desired.
    2. They can also be turned into warp markers, and perhaps vice versa as well.
  2. A grab tool. I use the "hand" icon all the time in Izotope RX and it makes intricate detail work much easier and faster.

That's all for now, thanks for your considerations.

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