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Studio One Stock Effects Update !

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asked May 13, 2019 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by stefanschlz (330 points)
edited May 21, 2019 by stefanschlz

Presonus , please update Studio Ones Stock Effects, to enhance our Workflow!

I have some Ideas :

Pro Eq :  M/S operation per Band , Keyboard graphic: Choose frequencies by clicking on notes , Scalable Ui, Phase invert

Compressor : an option for BPM Syncable Release Times like Waves H-Comp , a Range Control for max. Gain Reduction

Multiband Dynamics :  Range Control for max. Gain Reduction per Band , Stereo Width per Band , Saturation Types per Band

Bitcrusher :  add Softclipping and Waveshaping  ( maybe a Mutliband Bitcrusher ? )

If someone have another Idea┬┤s , please answer.



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answered Jan 29, 2020 by alejandrocanosa (390 points)
Adding dynamic eq to pro-eq would be amazing.