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Simpler (less tracks) way to use one VST/AU Instrument as a Note Processor for Another, without note delays from LLM

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asked May 19, 2019 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by robertgray3 (41,250 points)
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Please don't mark this as a duplicate of this Feature Request, as this existing one is way too complex, outdated for the current version, and honestly doesn't make this any simpler (the point of this FR) ... as-note-fx

Feature Request: A simpler more effective way to use a 3rd party VSTi / AU instrument as a "note processor" for another virtual instrument. Preferrably one that A) exists on a SINGLE track along with the target instrument and B) addresses the problems with note timing in the current system as detailed below.

(examples of Note processors: xfer Records Cthulhu, WA Instachord, WA Instascale, Scaler, Captain Chords, etc)

Problems with current system:

1. Multiple tracks takes more time to set up, to edit, to re-arrange, and makes the entire process of using a 3rd party arpeggiator or generator much more tedious than it could be with a singular track approach. If it's incorporated into Multi Instruments or within the NoteFX system, fine, just let us do it on one track please.

2. Instrument input / output routing or Direct Input produces unpredictable note delays that throw off the timing of recorded performance when used on separate tracks in conjunction with the Low Latency (Green Z) Monitoring for VIs and the Double Buffer system. This is a huge pain point every time I have to use my 3rd party arpeggiators or generators (Cthulhu, Instachord, Instascale) as I have to correct lots and lots of note data.


Many users are not going to stop using their favorite instruments so I'm sure many users would appreciate if this is addressed.

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answered Mar 23, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (234,150 points)
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