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NSB 16.8 w/ SL 16 III console mixer. I get drop outs

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asked May 22 in Networked Stage Box by Michael MacLeod (260 points)
Symptom:  Dropouts from inputs on NSB 16.8.

When running analog inputs from console, there is no problem.  No Drop Outs.

When I hook up the Stage box I get drop outs that last less than a second every 2-3 seconds.  

Latest software on both units

NSB-16.8. Firmware

SL 16 Series III.  v2.0.1.16038

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answered May 23 by wahlerstudios (55,120 points)
It was reported that renewing all network connections from the ground up should get all things right again. And make sure that your mixer is the clock for your network. Gain settings should only be made on the SL 16.
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answered May 23 by Michael MacLeod (260 points)

No Joy!

I've watched the video several times and I believe I have done everything correctly.  Everything takes the correct path.  I've reset to default and begun again several times with no luck.  There is only one network cable involved.  Playing a source directly into the mixer, does not result in drop-outs even when the Outputs of the Board are run through the stage box.  How does one confirm that the mixer is the clock?

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answered May 23 by wahlerstudios (55,120 points)
I don't own or use a NSB stagebox, so I can't replicate your case. But maybe this can be helpful: "StudioLive_Series_III_AVB_Networking_Guide_EN_11092018", section 2.7.4 "Clocking a PreSonus AVB Network":

"NSB-Series stage boxes are designed to provide both remote inputs and remote outputs for StudioLive Series III mixers. Like the EarMix 16M, the NSB-series stage boxes will default to external clock and sync to a StudioLive Series III mixer as soon as AVB sends are routed to their outputs.

It is important to note that these AVB sends must be routed whether they are needed or not. Let’s look at the common example of a StudioLive 16 console mixer with two NSB 8.8 stage boxes. In some situations, the eight outputs on the second NSB 8.8 stage box may not be needed to pass audio. In this case, routing an AVB output stream from the mixer to the stage box would still be required for proper clocking."

The last sentence might be of special importance. The EarMixers also react to missing AVB sends with drop outs.

You find the manual on the download page under "Support"on the PreSonus web site.
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answered Jul 8 by techniciencollege (600 points)

Hello, I have the same problem with the same equipment. Have you found a solution to this problem? Because I can not use my SNAKE because of this problem Thank you and good day