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Video Track Above Song Arrangement With Basic Editing Tools - E.g. Slicing, Moving, Fading Ect... In S1 Professional

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asked May 22, 2019 in Editing by scottmoncrieff (950 points)
Studio One 4.5 was pretty disappointing video wise despite the new exporting features being implemented. It's all very well having that but without being able to do anything with the video in being able to edited it independently and with audio, it just makes using video in Studio One frustrating. You can't get an overview of the video material inside Studio One so you can see where to make potential cuts to export and to be able to cue up any audio in that process. It doesn't need to have a full range of video editing features, it's primarily a DAW after all, but some basic editing ones would surely help. I'm sure other composers that score for film will have looked at Studio One with interest in using it for their small and big budget productions, rather than having to use Pro Tools, or another competing DAW that's out there. It would really round out Studio One's feature set and be more useful for composers of film, so assets can be prepared before using in bigger video editing packages.

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answered May 23, 2019 by nickrozendaal (150 points)
I agree with this. I'm using studio one in a post production format for audio but then I have to take my mixed audio into Premiere to create my video. I was very hopeful with this new update that I would be able to take the video file and do some very simple cuts (I'm post producing videos of our church services. I don't need to do much cutting except if there is some meet and greet time or group discussion time in the service that I want to remove so it isn't just dead space.) For me it's not worth the time it takes to sync the video up if I can't make any adjustments to it before exporting. Even if I had to pay for an extension to be able to do this I would do it in a heartbeat.
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answered Jan 18 by jaydedelano (240 points)
I'm going to chime in on this too -- this program is so great in so many ways EXCEPT for the inability to drop video into the workspace. As a composer that does soundtracks, I get VERY frustrated with that missing element and it is the only thing that keeps me from doing a full 100% all in on this programs Producer upgrade. What's the point when I have others that do that that I've already paid for?

Come on PreSonus -- we're not looking for video editing here -- just a way to see the visuals play out while we check our work.