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Studio 24C : macBook Pro - Need 95% level to register on LED meter or hear

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asked Jun 15, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by rogerhastings (120 points)
This is all quite new to me apologies in advance.

I have a Studio 24C connected to MacBook Pro (2016) via USB-A.  Microphone is AKG D88 S (works fine on my Digital Piano) connected via 3m XLR or 5m XLR/TS to either Input 1 or Input 2.  Headphones connected. Blue USB light on.

Basically need input 90%+ and headphones full to hear anything. Level meter only shows on bar when mic on chin and talking a little loudly with these settings.  I would have thought the input level would have been around 50% +/- for normal operation.  Basically there is only 10% range below that nothing.  Need to scream to approach red levels.

Mic is dynamic and does not need 48V

My question:  Is this normal? What input levels are other's using?  What input levels would you expect for dynamic microphone?


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