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Audiobox 1818VSL suddenly not working, Unknown USB Device

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asked Jul 13 in Legacy Interfaces by kraze2 (120 points)

My specs are as following:

i5-9600K, MSI Z370 Tomahawk, 16 GBs RAM, Win10 Pro x64, Audiobox 1818VSL with the latest firmware and UC from april 2019 as well as an original power supply from GPE if that matters

Just yesterday my 1818VSL interface was working perfectly fine until suddenly the sound stopped working and rebooting PC didn't help. After reboot USB sync started showing red light and no inputs/outputs related to Audiobox were present in sound devices list anymore.

I've tried doing a driver uninstall as per instructions from PreSonus but now whenever I connect my Audiobox it shows up as Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). I've tried different USB ports and I've tried connecting it to a different PC - the result is always the same.

Is my interface dead?

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