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My audiobox USB 96 prevents videos and music from playing

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asked Aug 7, 2019 in AudioBox USB by coltynseifert (150 points)

So I am running a PC Windows 10 Pro with a display using a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24, which has no speakers. So I purchased a AudioBox USB 96 and a M-Audio BX5 to alleviate the issue. I downloaded Universal Control and Studio One 4. This is where my issue begins.

When attempting to play videos from any website, on any browser, they remain in a loading stage and never render. If I attempt to play an mp4 file or any other form of video file on my computer, it does the same thing. Additionally, no audio files will play no matter the format.

After toying with the mess for a bit, I discovered that first issue was the wrong USB slot. I thought I had figured out the issue, until about 10 minutes later it began again. So here is what I have found out, that after 10-20 minutes of watching videos, listening to music or audio of any sort, it gets "jammed" and the videos will not load nor audio play. UNTIL, I unplug the USB connection and replug it back in. Then everything seems to be working fine, until.....

I read some forums about settings within Studio One 4 but they were 2017 versions and the UI had been upgraded so I was not able to follow along exactly.

Any help would be tremendous as I am a media editor and this issue has driven me to make several irish coffees without any coffee.

Thank you

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