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PreSonus Universal Control Help!!!!!

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asked Aug 11 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by wanhedagomes (240 points)
Hello everyone, I help run the A/V and tech departments of the small church I attend and am running into a bit of a wall when it comes to our Presonus 16.0.2!

We recently invested in an iPad Pro with hopes of utilizing Presonus's SL-Remote App to control the mixer from other places in the church aside from our sound room situated less than ideally in the back of the sanctuary. We have a Windows 10 PC I buIlt for the church with a compatible FireWire Card plugged into a PCIe slot, and using the legacy drivers for the card, connected the Mixer to it correspondingly, however when I go into the PreSonus Universal Control program on the PC it will not detect the mixer at all!

I have been pulling my metaphorical hair out over this problem for the past few months and was hoping you guys had any suggestions or advice to resolve this little predicament.

Happy to provide any additional information as needed to remedy this, just lemme know if there's anything else I need to share!!!

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answered Aug 11 by wahlerstudios (71,120 points)

I don't know if I can help, but this page might be interesting to read: You can see that "Universal Control v1.7.6" aka VSL (Virtual StudioLive) is the last version for Windows PC's.

"StudioLive Remote" for iPad is a discontinued software, but it's still available on Apple's AppStore. The reports say that the app is broken now, so I think the best to do is to open a ticket with Support. You find the page in your PreSonus account.

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answered Aug 12 by wanhedagomes (240 points)
my issue got solved!!