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At wit's end with AudioBox 22VSL - can monitor but can't record audio!!

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asked Aug 13 in Notion Feature Requests by jodanquens (500 points)
I've had the AudioBox 22VSL for a couple of years now, and mostly use it for monitoring Studio One 4.5 projects with headphones and speakers -- no problems with that at all.

However, lately I've wanted to record some guitar, and for some reason the darn thing will not record any audio. I can monitor it fine -- everything is coming through the phones via the AudioBox -- and the track is armed, pointing to the right input source, but nothing shows on the track fader in the mixer and thus no input is recorded.

I've checked the guides and other online tutorials and support. Everything seems to be setup ok. I even completely uninstalled whatever drivers were on there as Presonus no longer supports the hardware, and latest MacOS is not compatible with the VSL software. But no dice.

Anyone else have this issue? Anything I might be missing?

TLDR: Can arm an audio track and monitor guitar using the AudioBox 22VSL, but nothing records.

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answered Aug 14 by jodanquens (500 points)

my  issue has been solved!!

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