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Short (key) USB-C cable with PD and USB 3.1 support

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asked Aug 13 in AudioBox USB by alvarokhanalvarokhan (190 points)

Hi I looking for a cable with following properties:- Length around 15 cm (6inch), it's can be 20 cm- Power delivery support (at least 45W, ideal 60W)- USB 3.1 or 3.2 or Thunderbolt integrated- Keytainer design

Why: Now I using a following solution BELKIN MIXIT USB-C to USB-C, 15 cm, USB 2.0.But there is bunch of problems with this cable:

  1. If you want to copy files from SSD you are limited by USB 2.0, so inteand of 400MB/s, maximal speed is 12MB/s

  2. If Iyou want to charge a Chromebook or Laptop from USB-C In/Out with PD (45W) you are not able to charge by maximal power

  3. Cable is not designed for keys so I was forced to use not so aesthetic solution for holding (look to picture).

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answered Aug 14 by jodanquens (500 points)

my issue got solved!!

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