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"Copy Events Shared" when Ctrl/Cmd dragging and dropping sections or events between Arrangement and Scratch Pad

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asked Aug 26, 2019 in Editing by marcora (2,870 points)
edited Aug 26, 2019 by marcora

When Ctrl/Cmd + drag-n-dropping sections or events between Arrangement and Scratch Pad the behavior is either buggy or inconsistent.

1) When Ctrl/Cmd + drag-n-dropping events between Arrangement <-> Scratch Pad, even though the Info View says "Copy Events Shared" the copied events are not shared.

Thus it would be nice if Ctrl/Cmd + drag-n-dropping events between Arrangement <-> Scratch Pad would actually work as advertised and create shared copies.

2) When Ctrl/Cmd + drag-n-dropping sections between Arrangement <-> Scratch Pad, both Alt and Ctrl/Cmd modifiers do the same thing, which is to "Move Events".

Thus it would be nice not to waste the Ctrl/Cmd modifier and have Ctrl/Cmd + drag-n-dropping sections between Arrangement <-> Scratch Pad create shared copies of the events in the section.

Adding a Paste Shared command to the Edit menu would also be great!

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answered Mar 31, 2020 by lapidar (880 points)
Got my vote! This would be extremely useful, as I am using Scratch Pads for building variation parts of my song.
I could imagine that programmers built the Scratch Pads from the perspective to only sketch new ideas and not accidentially losing these by doing changes that affect other Scratch Pads. If that is the case, please intergrate an option to switch this feature on/off.
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answered Jan 8, 2021 by arturgodlewski (2,060 points)
Came here to make that feature request.

Upvoted instead :)

BTW, the 1st one should be filed as a bug to support from your profile.
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answered Aug 7, 2021 by arturgodlewski (2,060 points)
I'd love that!!!