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"Copy Events Shared" when Ctrl/Cmd dragging and dropping sections or events between Arrangement and Scratch Pad

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asked Aug 26, 2019 in Editing by marcora (2,000 points)
edited Aug 26, 2019 by marcora

When Ctrl/Cmd + drag-n-dropping sections or events between Arrangement and Scratch Pad the behavior is either buggy or inconsistent.

1) When Ctrl/Cmd + drag-n-dropping events between Arrangement <-> Scratch Pad, even though the Info View says "Copy Events Shared" the copied events are not shared.

Thus it would be nice if Ctrl/Cmd + drag-n-dropping events between Arrangement <-> Scratch Pad would actually work as advertised and create shared copies.

2) When Ctrl/Cmd + drag-n-dropping sections between Arrangement <-> Scratch Pad, both Alt and Ctrl/Cmd modifiers do the same thing, which is to "Move Events".

Thus it would be nice not to waste the Ctrl/Cmd modifier and have Ctrl/Cmd + drag-n-dropping sections between Arrangement <-> Scratch Pad create shared copies of the events in the section.

Adding a Paste Shared command to the Edit menu would also be great!

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