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Anyone extensively use Notion?

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asked Sep 6 in Notion by jhonmicky (330 points) 1 flag
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Hello everyone,,

I recently decided that Notion is a great tool for me to use to aid in my productivity. I was wondering if anyone has used it extensively, and if so, would be willing to show how they designed theres. At the end of the day, I want to learn of all the ways, intermediate and advanced, to develop Notion pages.
Would anyone be willing to show screenshots of your notion pages? If information is sensitive and you dont want to share, you can blur it out, all I care about is how it's designed.

Edit: In case anyone wants to explore notion, the tool is free to use. There are options where you can pay a monthly fee for more features. I'd see myself personally using the $4 a month plan, IF, I need it. However, I have not ran into any limitations, YET, with the free version. PSA, no ads, even with the free version..

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