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Can Dante stageboxes be used as interfaces?

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asked Sep 11 in Networked Stage Box by techbud (250 points)
Evaluating hardware for an event where I need to about 8x8 analog channels in and out of a Dante network.

I see there are a bunch of stageboxes that are Dante enabled that would do what I need, it appears.

Are stageboxes designed to only connect to their respective consoles? Is Dante just being used for transport, or do they adopt the full flexibility of Dante?

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answered Sep 12 by jonnydoyle (220,320 points)
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PreSonus uses AVB for networking. They will not work with the Dante protocol.
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answered Sep 11 by wahlerstudios (88,170 points)
If you think of PreSonus products there were only the RM/RML32AI and RM/RML16AI rack mixers, which could be equipped with a Dante card. There were some active loudspeaker also, which had some Dante connection. Currently there is no PreSonus product for a network based on Dante. The AVB protocol is not compatible.

Maybe this the Dante I/O interface you are looking for: Neutrik NA2-IO-DLINE.