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live recording

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asked Jan 15, 2016 in Classic Mixers by andijv (160 points)
I did a multitrack live recording (studioLive 16.0.2) via firewire to cubase. all worked fine.

I recorded the channel signals "dry" in cubase. Afterwards I played back the tracks to StudioLive Mixer to adjust each channel settings (EQ, effects and so on).

How can I now make a stereo file of the main output?

Any idea? Can I route the main output to a free studioLive channel and record it via firewire in cubase?

A mixdown of the tracks in cubase won't work because these signals are recorded dry...


Thanks in advance

2 Answers

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answered Jan 17, 2016 by Jon T (5,940 points)
Set the recorded channels to go back to ch 1-14.  then set Cubase to record 15/16.

In VSL set the Capture Master to 15/16.

The mains will record to the Capture master on the mixdown.
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answered Jan 19, 2016 by andijv (160 points)
Thanks for your answer. Setup of cubase is clear. But how can I setup in VSL the Capture Master to ch15/16.

i have VSL software version 3.5.5

In setup menu and console menu i can't find any configuration menu concerning this.

On youtube i've seen several videos where you can change inputs/outputs in VSL below the faders...but not im my VSL version.