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My Notion setup - share yours :-)

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Hello everyone,,

I've started using Notion a few months ago when I saw a recommended video of Keep Productive on YouTube. I saw all kinds of cool examples but when I started with Notion I've had trouble to get my stuff organized.

Mobdro Lucky Patcher Kodi

I decided to start small and page per page, so I wrote down the things I wanted to track and decided I would focus on a single page before moving to the next one. Finally i'm getting used to Notion and took a year subscription last month, i'm happy about my layout as it is today but there's still lots of stuff to do and the more I use the more ideas I get.

I'm always looking out for Notion posts somewhere so I can pick up a few nice ideas from other people, so feel free to post below :)

Here is my current setup (sorry I mix my own language with english quote a lot in my setup)

  1. My inbox is just a dump waiting for browser clipper (idea from Keep Productive YouTube)

  2. My dashboard personal, nothing special just a photo of me and my girlfriend and some important dates in my life.

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answered Sep 26 by LLIypik (1,500 points)
Wrong forum, dude :)