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IMPACT XT Feature Requests

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asked Oct 20, 2019 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by gianpaolopizziol (1,370 points)

I've been considering switching from Maschine to Studio One with Impact XT and the Atom controller but have found some basic functionality that's preventing me from making the switch. I hope these features can be added. Would make users like me far more likely to switch over.

  • Ability to trigger samples at multiple pitches similar to the 16 level pitch feature from an MPC or at the very least have an option to send a single sample to a new sample one XT instrument
  • No way to save kits with samples so that kits can be managed more effectively. Eg I can't collect samples from different locations and save the new kit with samples to a new location. This will most likely make loading kits in the future a nightmare as I'll receive the missing samples dialog if I moved any of the kits samples from their original location.
  • Cant move samples around intuitively. Swapping pads should be a simple drag drop operation not a hold CTRL, then SHIFT & release. Makes doing this simple thing a chore. Same goes for removing a sample. It shouldn't reset all settings for the pad. At least offer an option to reset pad fully or not.
  • Basic Sample editing like trim/crop sample.
  • More fleshed out slicing ie manual slicing or slice by beat/bar etc 

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answered Nov 10, 2019 by leonordmann (1,800 points)
I completely agree with you. That would be really great to have.
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answered Dec 17, 2019 by ansolas (2,690 points)
Trim samples like it is now possible in SampleOne would be very nice indded ! <3
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answered Dec 17, 2019 by ansolas (2,690 points)
When swapping samples , the patten rows should also move with the sample pad, That would make pad management much easier.
If you at the momnet move a pad the pattern row stay unaffected.
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answered Dec 24, 2019 by lukenyman (1,940 points)
Good points. I have an idea about managing samples more effectively.

The ability to flick through different samples placed on the same pad within Impact, and choose which one(s) you want to use. All the samples would be saved as a preset. You could resave as a new preset and delete the unused samples if necessary.

For example, I have a folder of 13 Alesis SR-16 kick samples. I can drag them all at once onto a pad in ImpactXT, and save this as a basic SR-16 preset. Then I'd like an added option in Layer Mode to play only the sample I've chosen from the top of Impact - above the sample window. To expand this, you could choose multiple samples at once.

Or perhaps more options are needed in the right click menu on those blocks above the sample window to "solo" or "mute" the selected samples. Then the layer mode would work on the chosen samples.

And keyboard shortcuts to step back and forward through the samples would be very handy.

In this way you could have the option of making your own presets to have a set of samples to choose from for each new song, instead of having to drag/drop from the browser every time.


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answered Jan 8 by adriantillman (170 points)
Agreed. Also, I'd like a way to delete all notes triggered by a pad in a clip with one command. Example: i have a drum clip that's 4 bars long being triggered by one instance of impact. i have a kick, snare, open hat, and a closed hat. I want to be able to delete all the closed hats on that 4 bar clip with one command. Hope that makes sense.

Impact is a powerful tool and a nice way for me to have lots of drums without opening up 8 different instances of Sample One. Just a few tweaks from perfect!!
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answered Jan 11 by damiensantamaria (1,230 points)
Hello, I agree, one thing would be great too, ability to apply midi fx, like buzz, roll, flam & drag on pads, like groove agent 5 and battery 4
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answered Jan 30 by ansolas (2,690 points)
Adjustable BPM for tempo following pads would be useful either
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answered Mar 30 by famuyiwasegun (600 points)
Great request. Also provide a delay knob for each pad and make a full fade out control when using a sample in one shots mode like that of ableton sampler, rather than depending on the decay control.
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answered Apr 1 by andresgalvan (1,210 points)

  • the 1st function your asking about would be implemented as a midi tool or somethin of the sort. that's usually a midi controller feature. ei, akai controlers have it as an option too and it worked fine for me back in the day (don't use those pads anymore). if you don't already have the atom just check the full reviews and features to see if it has a 16 pad velocity feature. 
  • you can already save kits with the samples in it you can even exchange it with other ppl that use S1. here's a tutorial:
  • moving samples i don't really agree w you on that. it's very simple. maybe having a more obvious visual cue to tell you what you're doing can help but ifyouchange the functionality to swapping then adding samples with drag and drop will end up needeing the shortcut instead. this is more of a matter of you not letting go of your maschine workflow. you have to do part of the adapting and learning the new tool so you can adjust your workflow. as faras removing a sample. it's literally right click and "clear pad" or right click on the little sample tab and 'delete sample" (assuming you have more than 1 sample on the pad). all these functions are liekly accelerated once you learn the atom front to back (don't have it but functuonality is the main purpose of it).if you just replace the sample instead of clearing the pad the settings don't get reset.
  • you can already trim and cut the samples on there.there are markers for trimming and a right click option to crop the sample (though in impact "trimming" refers to cropping)
  •  manual slicing in both impact xt and sample one xt need to be leveled up asap. it's way too much work. that is 100% correct
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answered Jul 12 by edwardhall2 (720 points)
I definitely agree as well. I posted a similar request to develop a marriage between the two (impact & sample one). I saw a Logic Pro drum machine designer video. Each of the 16 pads were made up of their quick samplers. Impacts pads should actually be 16 sample one instruments bonded together. So when you create patterns and convert to a part, then explode the pitches to tracks, each sound goes to its own piano roll for furthering editing. I have to load my 808s and hi hats in sample one to achieve this. I know you can use automation but the workflow would be so much better. Maschine, MPC, Ableton and even FL already have this.
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answered Aug 7 by jesusrebelzer (230 points)
im an Ableton user and was lately really looking into studio one for some features like comping and other reasons. but man coming from simpler and sampler this sounds really weird that they dont offer this slice function :) this sounds like the comping request for ableton :)

in my opinion logic really was listening to the customers and delivered with the 10.5 update. perhaps it came out with studio one 5. not sure. have to digg deeper in this topic. but if they didn't. man. cause i think they have a lot of potential but if they dont see that. their loss somehow. specially in times with so many service or people who deliver samples over the internet nowadays. they focussed on gigs and live performance. hamburg rock and live gigs probably. aber Jungs das k├Ânnt ihr besser. das thema ist wirklich nicht neu. da gehen euch einige potentielle Kunden durch die lappen. drag and drop Konzept. behaltet das auch bei !