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IMPACT XT Feature Requests

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asked Oct 20 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by gianpaolopizziol (240 points)

I've been considering switching from Maschine to Studio One with Impact XT and the Atom controller but have found some basic functionality that's preventing me from making the switch. I hope these features can be added. Would make users like me far more likely to switch over.

  • Ability to trigger samples at multiple pitches similar to the 16 level pitch feature from an MPC or at the very least have an option to send a single sample to a new sample one XT instrument
  • No way to save kits with samples so that kits can be managed more effectively. Eg I can't collect samples from different locations and save the new kit with samples to a new location. This will most likely make loading kits in the future a nightmare as I'll receive the missing samples dialog if I moved any of the kits samples from their original location.
  • Cant move samples around intuitively. Swapping pads should be a simple drag drop operation not a hold CTRL, then SHIFT & release. Makes doing this simple thing a chore. Same goes for removing a sample. It shouldn't reset all settings for the pad. At least offer an option to reset pad fully or not.
  • Basic Sample editing like trim/crop sample.
  • More fleshed out slicing ie manual slicing or slice by beat/bar etc 

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answered Nov 10 by leonordmann (1,580 points)
I completely agree with you. That would be really great to have.