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AR16 lights flashing and sound pulsing - Any ideas?

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asked Dec 3 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by diarmaidomeara (120 points)
My mixer started flashing and pulsing today, and is unusable. It´s about 2 months old.
I´ve tried to submit a ticket with PreSonus on multiple devices and browsers, and it keeps failing :-( So any help would be much appreciated.

The green lights on the input channels are flashing, and it´s sending a raw pulsing beat type sound to my speakers.
Any sound input to the mixer is also pulsed in a kind of 90bpm on/off manner.
Universal Control does not pick up the device.
The FX and recorder panels are unresponsive.
I´ve swapped out the power and USB cables but nothing has worked.
Also updated the Universal Controller software

My system is running OSX 10.11

It´s like the mixer isn´t being powered correctly. Does it seem like a damaged board?

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