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REGISTER PRODUCT PROBLEM This product key has been registered already.

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asked Dec 24, 2019 in AudioBox USB by naorelmaliah (180 points)
I just purchased a new AUDIOBOX USB 96
I came home to register and download the software and drivers, and when I tried to register my product
I got an error message which says : "This product key has been registered already. Please supply an unused product key."
what can i do to fix it, its a new product not second handed so I don't understand why I get this message

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answered Jan 3 by marshallbridwell1 (200 points)
I am having the same issue... looking for help as well.
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answered Jan 5 by donaldhunter (140 points)
My old computer  stopped working. Trying to install it on new computer
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answered Jan 27 by jabulilenomaele (120 points)
Which country are you guys from? I'm from South Africa, I think it could be jurisdiction issue...?
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answered Feb 8 by prestolambeth (140 points)
I am also having this issue w/ the new fader port I just got from Amazon :( what do we do?
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answered Mar 27 by jeremyroussel (180 points)
hello same problem, I bought the product for the 2nd time, how do I do ?
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answered Apr 4 by lukehaland (140 points)
Hi all, am having this same problem. what solution did you come to? cheers

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answered Apr 15 by bernardoprezotte (140 points)
Same problem here
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answered Apr 24 by alainb (140 points)
Same problem here.

How is it supposed to be fixed ? Help Support please HEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP !
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answered Apr 25 by anabetiger (140 points)
I can't register my product in a new computer as it says that I already registered my product when I put the serial number, but if I already registered it should appear in myproducts but it doesn't. Support please!!!
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answered May 4 by fredericelement (140 points)
same probleme! i cant see my product for download(studio one 4 artist)