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Repeater or Note FX with a "Bybass"-function to do automation

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asked Jan 4, 2020 in Studio One 4 by tommoell (390 points)
Hi there,

there were already a question for changing this part (2017). Maybe today there are more user who have the same problem or find it usefull.

In my case I want to "bybass" the Note FX Repeater and I found out, that there is no "bybass"-button to do a automation for it. So I can´t stop the repeater and I have to make 2 Tracks for one instrument (one with Repeater and the other without).
If there were a automation possible, I can bybass the Repeater and stay in the same track.

I´m sorry, that I don´t give Information about my PC, but there´s no need for this.

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