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Option to recall scene and project filter configurations as scene was saved.

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asked Jan 4 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by barrettcarlson (190 points)
Depending on how you use scenes it could be up to 30 button presses each time.

For example:  I want to be able to switch just the preamps from usb to analog with one button press while not affection anything else on the mixer.  Then be able to recall all the other settings of the mixer with just one more button press .  Then switch it back to usb preamps with another single button press.  That would seriously be 90 button presses, unless I am totally missing something.

I do like the current ability to control what is being recalled each time scene is recalled so nothing unexpected happens.  I get the benefit of that, but with 30 filters it gets tedious and confusing.

The best of both worlds would be a toggle button at the top of the scene page that says something like:  "recall filters as saved with scene" on one side and "recall scene with current filter selection" on the other.

The filter buttons could even show what the saved filter configuration is before you recall so you can press the button with confidence, knowing the only parameters you are recalling are the buttons that are lit. When the toggle is set back to the other position it would light up the filter buttons as they were before the toggle was switched to "recall filters as saved with scene"

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answered Feb 6 by jonnydoyle (238,670 points)
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This Series III only supports up to 32GB cards, this is also the same for the other brands you mention. 

Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Jan 5 by wahlerstudios (102,460 points)
The change from scene to project/scene in April 2019 has caused a lot of problems, because it's difficult to understand what does what. Adding even more options to the project/scene management would make things really tedious. It's a PreSonus tradition that "scenes" save EVERYTHING. The Auto Save function and Power Soft is doing nothing else, so I don't think it would be wise to change anything in this process. A "project" is changed seldom and a "scene" also does not see a lot of changes, so the focus should be workflow, not new features.

Selecting input sources is easy on the Series III consoles: Press and hold the relevant source button (e.G. USB) and then select any channel you want to have USB as input source. Use the page 2 button to change layers. You can also "wipe" across the Select buttons.

Good luck for your feature request.