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Why does Ampire keep becoming useless when I did nothing to it?

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asked Jan 13 in Computer Based Recording & Production by bradleyyandow (130 points)
I've been having this extremely frustrating problem with Ampire ever since I first got Studio One, which I was hoping would just be fixed when I upgraded to pro but unfortunately, this has not been the case. When I record a song, I use Ampire on my vocal tracks, and while I'm in that session everything is fine. But then after I save the project and close it, when I come back to it all of my tracks that are using Ampire in the same setting are all extremely quiet playing back. I can go into the Ampire effect and fool with the settings but nothing works. If I turn off Ampire on that stem the volume comes back (minus the amping it had) and I can even export the song/stems and the volume seems completely fine. I can't figure out why this keeps breaking, and it gets really frustrating needing to delete the Ampire effect each time, then reapplying a fresh preset of it to try and recreate the settings I had from scratch, then copying and pasting it across all the stems needing that same effect just so I can actually hear those stems while I'm working on my song. Please help me, I haven't been able to find a solution for this no matter how many times I've searched.

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