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Features that would make Studio One way better

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asked Jan 14 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by lorrismusic (620 points)

Hello Studio one friends :), here are a list of features i think could just make Studio One better

-Autoplaying the samples in the browser by default without having to press the play button
-Being able to hide the unused tabs or maybe turn them into small logo so all of them can be displayed
-Having colors for the type of plugin on the list,for example having the vst3 in blue and vst2 in orange (i'm talking about the tiny "fx" logo on the left of the plugin name)
-Being able to open one folder at a time like Ableton live do, that will avoid unnecessary scrolls (to be precise it will close all the already opened folders to open the one you've clicked on)
-Being able to color folders in the brower
-Being able to give custom tag to folders and samples in files,Instruments and effects (for example if you want to sort your compressors vst just create a "compressor" tag and tag your vst in)

-Add a reference type track that bypass the master channel (For example you would put a reference song on this track and it will bypass the master chain allowing to A-B easily without having to disable everything on the master)
-Add RMS display on the waveform something close to what Audacity does, it's very nice to have an overhaul display of dynamics on a song
-Add an midi input channel (a channel to be able to insert midi effects dirrectly on a midi controller)
-Omni midi channel in the channel selector (also known as "multi midi" this allow some midi vst's like chords generator to work better)
-Being able to play a note or a chord without having to play it at the begining (Ableton have added this feature since live 10 basically if you play while being in the middle of a chord it will play it from there instead of making no sound)

-Having some premade automation blocs that we can drag and drop into the automation track something similar to NI Massive
-I'm not sure if this one is a feature or a bug but when you duplicate an automation sequence repeating itself with the first bar starting with an exponential/log curve it will change the next automation right to the duplicated automation, 
for example you have a 4 bar loop that keep repeating itself, the sequence start with an exponential curve, then you select the 4 bar loop and duplicate it with Shift+D, the bug will make that the first bar of the next automation loop right after your duplicated loop will be reset/change to another curve, i believe this hapen because the clipboard take the position of the last automation node/dot. 

Piano roll
-Add the pattern mode as a button next to the drum mode
-Add the missing modes to the scale selector Lydian and Locrian, that will complete the 7 modes
-Being able to make cusom scales in the scale selector with maybe a import/export feature

-A Pro-Q update with bigger or scalable UI, mid side processing,dynamics curve, precise Q like in Izotope Neutron EQ, soloing, masking and Low latency/Linear phase switch, also a real time sonogram view like the FL Studio "parametric eq 2" (i'm asking a lot on this one :D)
-A 32bit vst bridger
-A Waveshaper effect
-Having the fat channel "BritComp' free and installed by default with S1 would make studio one stand against Ableton "Bus compressor" because it's heavyly used in EDM
-Having an OTT presets for the multiband dynamics or a dedicated effect
-Limiter update with a peak/rms display similar to fabfilter pro L 
-Having a dithering plugin instead of having it in the settings, maybe adding it to the limiter or as a button at the bottom of the master channel
-Being able to hide the Qwerty keyboard for example in Bitwig Studio you just press Caps lock and the keyboard switch to a piano mode with the same keys than ableton wich are ASDFGHJK(White keys) and WETYU(Black keys) with ZX for octave up and down, would be nice to have it the same in Studio one

-Replacing the Pan with Two Knobs, one for left and the other one for Right channels
-Having a mono/width knob on the mixer by default
-Having some instuments logo that we can choose and display on the Tracks from mixer and arrangement thing like pianos,trumpets,guitars,synths etc...

-First i would ask for a tool to edit the firmware of the Atom or a dev mode but if not please consider the features below

-Knob sensivity, i know Presonus updated the knobs but i still feel like they are too slow mainly in Xfer Serum, having a feature to increase the sensivity could be cool also disable or enable the inertia effect
-Not sure if this one is possible but i would like to make the pads more sensitive because i found that i need to press hrd on them to trigger them, i believe it's hardware related cause the Atom is build like this but if it can be more sensitive because it's frimware related it could be nice to have a feature to control that
-A built in scale mode with the seven musical modes avaiable
-A button in the "setup" to put the ATOM in sleep mode, disabling all the leds and in an energy saving like mode

Thanks you for reading this, this is just my though on what features Studio One needs to destroy they oponents >:)
i doubt posting more than 1 feature in a feature request work so i'll request some of them one by one later if they aren't still requested

Thanks again for reading and i hope i will see some of them in some future update :3

Fun fact: i've already writted that but i've lost it and i had to rewrite it again :)

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answered Jan 17 by davidviera1 (380 points)
And integrate NOTION or Score Edit/View on the same DAW as REAPER or LOGIC for example...