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Can't register Atom, can't create Tickets, no answer to questions

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asked Jan 28 in Studio One 4 by jensrotter (260 points)
Hey Presonus,

you seem to have critical support problems. I can nnot submit tickets, I can not register my ATOM and I get no help here.

What will you do about it? The software seems to be great, but can you please fix this? And get someone to answer my question, that I normally would have sent as a ticket only I can't.

Best regards,


3 Answers

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answered Jan 29 by aceblack (170 points)
Having same problem I cannot Activate product just sends me on a constant loop. Asking me for key, which I have put in numerous times. Very annoying.
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answered Jan 30 by aka_busker (4,600 points)
Have you tried to use the mypresonus app to log your tickets?

I find using the app a better way of communicating with the Presonus support team.  I generally only use the app for android for ticker and support requests.  
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answered Jan 30 by aka_busker (4,600 points)
If you have the mypresonus app you can scan the box of the Atom to register your new devices.  It's also a feature of the app I have used numerous times when buying new gear in the past 12 months.