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Favorite Presets

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asked Feb 3 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by basemalattar (580 points)
It would be great to mark favorite presets for an instrument or effect and have them show up in a top level "Favorites" folder the next time you're browsing that plugin's preset list.

This could also be implemented globally in the browser search to show all favorite presets in one place.

2 Answers

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answered Feb 22 by aka_busker (5,070 points)
Click the spanner icon in the browser.  This brings up a check box for favourites.  

Hope that helps.
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answered Mar 16 by basemalattar (580 points)
Thank you aka_buster for your answer, but .. to clarify, I am referring to favorite Presets not favorite plugins.

Many 3rd party developers have a rating system (1 to 5 stars) for their plugin presets but as I am relying more and more on Studio One's native preset system, I'd like the ability to find my favorite presets quickly.

Some plugins end up having 100s of presets and looking for a few that you often use can be a drag.

hence, I am requesting the ability to mark presets within a plugin as "Favorite".