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Drag&Drop chords from chord track to MIDI tracks

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asked Feb 18 in Editing by Michael1985 (8,570 points)
Yes, now you can follow the chord track, but drag&drop chords from the chord track to MIDI tracks would be a helpful addition to editing MIDI tracks.

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answered Apr 3 by fouadal-basha (1,400 points)
Yes am already request this idea  from 12 September 2019…  

Hope S1 do it
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answered May 25 by jerryconnolly (500 points)
I wholeheartedly support this request and, furthermore, I would like to be able to drop the chords onto an empty midi track so as to populate it with chord tones where midi data did not previously exist.  This would necessitate a few options for how to arrange the chord tones; for example low pitch point (such as C1), note spacing (nearest adjacent pitch or every other chord tone), number of notes (choice of 2 would create a fifth, 3 would create a triad and so on).