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Automate Plugin on/off button

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asked Mar 13 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by kyfisher (1,180 points)
im requesting the ability to automate the On/Off button on plugins,

this is possible in all the other daws iv used previously and find it odd that its not possible in studio one as its a crucial part of many peoples workflows.

and if anyone knows a work around for it for the mean time that would be great as well.

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answered May 31 by teddylewis (210 points)

I've just moved from Ableton and can't believe this isn't in here, it's a core basic of my production flow and didn't anticipate this being an issue, but it's a big one. Please do add this automation guys surprise

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answered Jun 2 by cjb2293 (650 points)
You can actually already do this with the "bypass" automation feature in the plugins.