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Studio One 2 - Missing presets

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asked Jun 6, 2020 in Studio One 2 by JayPH (200 points)


I opened studio one up after a long break and I noticed that a lot of the presonus presets are missing. Pro EQ, Compressor and lots more have vanished. I had EZdrummer 2 configured aswell, but that has vanished too.

I'm pretty certain I haven't changed any settings or file paths. Baffled to where everything has gone.

I've took a screenshot. Any help would be really appreciated.

ALSO - when I try to upgrade from the software I just get a short error message saying failed.



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answered Jun 6, 2020 by JayPH (200 points)
Hey all.

I fixed it and thought I should report back in case any other mad fool gets this problem :)

So, I noticed that when I ran the software, it was the free version that was running. Even though I had upgraded to Artist. I also had 3 different installs on my PC in the programs folder.

I decided to uninstall them all then reinstall it from my account. This didnt fix it. It was still running the free version of the software.

I Re-Authenticated the computer and this did the trick. When I reloaded it. It was the Artist version I had purchased and not the free version.

I got all the Preset Devices back and I also got EZdrummer 2 back. Stuff like this only happens to me haha.

So happy to have it all back in working order, but after spending all day on this I no longer have any creative flow left to record a track. Hopefully it will come back tomorrow because this lockdown isn't funny anymore :(

Hope everyone stays well.

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answered Feb 23, 2021 by micahdempsey (150 points)
Thank you so much. I had upgraded my computer and reinstalled with the same issue everything I opened was missing some of my basic devices. I was looking all over for answers and turns out I was doing the same thing. Hadn't put in the activation key.