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Latency figures - quantum vs quantum 2626

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asked Jun 29 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by magnusheimbrger (120 points)
Is the RTL latency figures the same for quantum vs the new TB3 2626 interface? I know in theory that the audio speed is the same between TB2 and TB3 but maybe there is new components such as faster analouge design/components and AD/DA converters in 2626.....?

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answered Jul 3 by Michael Warner (1,130 points)
I just got a TB3 Quantum 26x26 a couple days ago to run with my MacBook Pro.  After I updated the Quantum firmware via UniversalControl my round trip latency is 2 milliseconds in Logic Pro X 10.5.  I know that is not exactly what you asked but it IS a real World figure that I'm happy with!  Good luck with the rest of the info you seek.  - Michael