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Ping-pong delay strangeness...

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asked Jun 29, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by ZioGuido (540 points)
I have never seen a Ping-Pong delay implemented the way it was in the StudioLive Series III.

Offset? Really? What is it for? If the offset is 0 (actually can't be less than 2 ms) you always hear the first repetition mixed with the dry signal creating a sort of phasing effect. The Tap-Tempo only affects the delay time, which is correct, but has no effect on the Offset knobs, which adjust the time from the first repetition. I just can't understand the point of having an offset... All delay units I have ever used in my life have just one delay time parameter, which is - like all other delay effects - the distance between all repetitions, including the first one.

The way it is now, I find the ping-pong effect unusable, because after tapping the tempo I have to adjust the two offset knobs manually, which isn't practical at all. This forces me to use an external unit if I need a ping-pong delay.

Any chance this non-sense can be addressed in a future firmware udpate?

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