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My Studio one 4 Audio device doesn't show me the Studio24c after I installed it.

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asked Jul 1, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by diegomuoz1 (460 points)
I installed everything and it showed me that it was good to go, but Audio devices isn't showing me the Studio 24c option, it shows me many others but not that one. Why could that be?

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answered Jul 3, 2020 by johnvickersziarnick (140 points)
Open Studio One,  in the middle column and click where it says "Configure Audio Device"  --- when the "options" window opens click on "Audio Sertup"  in tne middle top row -- then 2 rows down open the Audio Device menu  - scroll down and click on STUDIO USB.  The pull down menu will show Studio USB.  Close the options window and close and restart Studio 1 and you will see Studio 24C in the middle column (or should anyway) which tells you you are connected to your interface.
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answered Jul 13, 2020 by guybeverlin (140 points)
I have the same problem using Studio 4 and Studio 5 professional.  The Studio 24C is not showing up in either of them, nor in Universal Control.  Used to work. "Rescan Network" did not pick it up either.
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answered Aug 1, 2020 by sergebelanger (160 points)
the audio device is studio USB