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Sample One and Impact XT too large to fit on computer screen in Studio One 5

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asked Jul 8, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by christopherwiles (320 points)
Hi guys,

I'm using a 1366x768 resolution display on Windows 10 Home running Studio One 5 Professional, and unfortunately though this is the maximum resolution my display can have, Sample One and Impact XT are still cut off at the bottom of the window such that I can't access certain features of the mod and pitch wheel.

Would it be possible to have either: versions of these instruments size-adapted to this resolution, or some means of being able to scroll through the VST in this case (maybe even as a togglable option in some settings somewhere, as the reason rack plugin suffers from a similar issue), or the ability move the instrument window up to access the bottom without it snapping back to its original position (as I think you already have a feature to compensate for this where you can recall an instrument window if it gets 'lost' somewhere off the screen), or (though I know this is a long-standing request) resizability of the instrument windows? Any of these options would be great and make my workflow much less fiddly.

Thank you for all your work on these things, and God bless you all (seriously, thank you, I greatly appreciate having Studio One 5)


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