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Ghost clips using Drag'n'Drop

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asked Jul 15, 2020 in Studio One 5 by tpntrnka (380 points)

I'm completely new to the S1. Please, is there a way how to create ghost clips just using mouse drag and drop? Probably in every other DAW it's possible (withs Shift, Control, Alt, combination of some), but I didn't find any mention on this in S1. Nor in the manual, nor on the internet. Thanx. (I know I can make a ghost copy using [Shift]+[D], but not by the drag and drop.)

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answered Feb 10 by ferdinanddemarezoyens (1,220 points)
In Studio One it is called a shared copy. You can create one like you suggested with Shift D, but also by drag and drop. The way to do it on a PC is drag the event to the desired position and then press Ctrl before you release the mouse. So it is NOT ctrl-drag, but you start dragging first, and it looks just like moving the event, but if you press Ctrl before you release you then get a shared copy (or ghost copy in Cubase terminology)