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Keyswitches: Please add multiple notes & CC values for a single playing technique

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asked Jul 20 in Key Switches by Orphy (350 points)

Dear PreSonus!

I'd like to ask you to improve the key switches, as it is quite basic in its current state. As a VSL Synchron user, I have more complex triggers for my instrument playing techniques that contain both multiple notes as key switches and multiple CC values. For example, the marcato on the violas is triggered by C0 + C#1 + CC28=127 + CC1=0.

Thanks in advance!

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answered Jul 21 by jazzundso (96,100 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Aug 22 by micheletacchi (550 points)

We absolutely need this, as almost every available sample library works by combining more than one single key switch.