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Be Able To Disable / Hide Anything!

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asked Jul 26 in Look and Feel by koreymontplaisir (1,180 points)
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Hello everyone. I create Hip Hop, Trap beats with sometimes creating a 200+ orchestral instrumental HERE and THERE. (if the links are an issue, i would be glad to remove them). Just showing that i use Studio One for different things.

I'm asking that Studio One gains the ability to hide and/or disable just about everything. Why? Because someone might want it. You don't like the SHOP on your tabs, gone. That inspector has something you don't want to see, bam GONE.

Could you imagine if you couldn't hide your plugins from the broswer. Always looking over all of them, It would be a nightmare, but why does that ability stop there? Why can't i disable some odd tab i don't wish to use?

For example, i have video support disabled in services. The video button is still on my tab at the top, odd waste of space. The new S5 update brings with it - note controller, keyswitchs on the botton edit tab in the piano roll that you can't remove. Why should i be forced to see these?

Also, i'm not just talking about being able to disable / hide things on the screen or tabs. I want to disable and/ or hide anything i wish while also changing what i see when i right click something. Sometimes right click just doesn't work, so i'm off playing with lists. I'm still all for having a list while i right click, but i want to pick what i see when i do it.

I'm not sure how what it would look like, but a couple of ideas come to mind. Just like the keyboard shortcuts, you have a settings box with lists of names of things you can disable. After you're done, save to a preset. You also should be able to right click and turn things off at will aswell.

You really could do it many ways, but at the end, every user gets what they want, and not some pre-fab look and feel. Just think that it should be done in a way thats 1 easy to recall, 2 Doesn't mess with saves.

You could also build on this with user settings with new colors people could use for just about anything. There shouldn't be a limit on creative ideas.

It might sound easy for someone like me to think of this feature, but i'm sure it would be kind of hard to add in the right way. Just thought it would be great idea to do this now, and not wait tell Studio one has so many features in ones face, they don't get lost and give up trying to learn the software.

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answered Jul 31 by Lukas Ruschitzka (137,350 points)
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