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There is a problem with Studio One 4 on Windows 10 version 2004

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asked Aug 2 in Studio One 4 by hiro_ito_jp (200 points)

I bought a new computer this summer.

The built version of Windows 10 installed on it is 2004.

When running Studio One 4 Professional on this new Windows, the following issues occur:

"Holding Ctrl or Alt while selecting multiple tracks or selecting multiple notes in the MIDI window causes Studio One to stop working for 10 seconds or longer."

Windows 10 prior to version 2004 did not have this symptom.

This problem does not occur with other companies' products (for example, Adobe software), so it seems to be a problem specific to Studio One.

Please let me know if there is any Windows improvement that I can do.

1 Answer

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answered Aug 2 by hiro_ito_jp (200 points)
solved. Reported that Windows 10 v2004 solved the problem that it stopped working when holding down Shift or Ctrl key in Studio One 4. Settings → Japanese IME settings → General → Use previous version of MS IME → Be sure to restart. Now you can move smoothly even if you hold down the key.