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Presonus AudioBox USB 96 is not processing audio to the headphones and studio monitors. What could be the issue here?

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asked Aug 10, 2020 in AudioBox USB by johnschulz2 (130 points)
Before I got on the site, I attempted to trouble shoot my gear to ensure it was the AudioBox. When audio is processed through the monitors, the right monitor would receive no sound at all while the left monitor will have sound, but nothing below about 400hz was coming through or being processed. Whenever I have headphones on though, the right side of the phone is crisp audio like before, receiving all frequencies; the left phone receives no sound at all. I purchased the Presonus AudioBox USB 96 around January 2019, for my 2018 MacBook Pro (macOS Catalina). I'm not sure what the issue is and I was wondering would I have to send the AudioBox in to get repaired?

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answered Nov 4, 2020 by jbremer (280 points)
Same issue. There must be something wrong because lots of us are having this problem. I'm responding to everyone hoping someone has a fix. I noticed it was playing half of the audio or 1 channel because I tested it on some YouTube videos and it is missing ALOT plus sounds distorted or really like an old mp3. I hope there's a fix !