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Will there be full Integration for Maschine MK3 in Studio One 5???

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asked Aug 25 in Studio One 5 by brandonlihou (1,520 points) 1 flag
I am very happy that Studio One jumped on board with the Komplete Kontrol full integration :)
my question is when or will there be this integration for Machine MK3? The external devices is very outdated and does not work, even the picture is an old model from Machine MK1. Do you have plans to do what you did with komplete kontrol as with Maschine MK3?

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answered Aug 28 by brandonlihou (1,520 points)

Please vote on this, its well deserved and needed for us NI users

Thanks angel

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answered Sep 1 by rchan454 (220 points)
Why do we need to vote on this, Maschine MK3 is like a studio standard piece of gear, come on Presonus, you can do this!!!
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answered Sep 2 by derekhackley (340 points)

I created a similar request here:

but you have my vote here as well, it's wild to me that we'd get integration for the KK keyboards and not the Maschine controllers.

Most of what I want to be able to do I can just do with a control surface XML file, and we can use the MCU buttons at the bottom for transport control, but would it kill them to port their code for integrating the KK mk2 screens over so the Maschine mk3 screens can be used the same way? This is possible in Ableton right now.