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Video track, multiple videos, cut, trim and video transitions

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asked Oct 2, 2020 in Video by siniablagus (1,870 points)
It would be great if we could have some simple video editing possibilities, something basic like cut,trim paste, and couple of basic transition that we can add multiple video clips and combine them...maybe to have a video track (on top, over there with tempo,automation, arrange track...)

this would be great for video podcast,so that we can do everything inside Studio one

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answered Oct 11, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (194,440 points)
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answered Nov 19, 2020 by caralee (500 points)
Thanks. When it comes to cutting, trimming, and merging multiple video tracks, I have ever done the same thing using Joyoshare Video Joiner. I know it from the VideoHelp forum. It is designed to combine an unlimited number of video files with lossless quality. Also, it comes with a built-in editor, allowing cutting, trimming, cropping, rotating, watermarking, subtitling, adjusting, etc.
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answered Feb 23 by akexlebid (650 points)
Yeah, at least 2 video tracks are crucial! The perfect path for tv industry is to have the ability to move, slice, combine videos