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Studio One 5 Audio Cut Outs Bug and Glitches

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asked Oct 2 in Studio One 5 by femiolorunnibe (850 points)
retagged Oct 2 by femiolorunnibe
Since upgrading to Studio One 5 I have been having this issue where my Audio Tracks would cutout at times or they just wouldn't play at all. It isn't an issue that is related to third party software since I have been using the same plugins since version 4. The issue is really annoying and it hinders my workflow.

Here is a scenario that I have been facing over and over, I am gain staging before mixing, as soon as I hit play I have some tracks playing and maybe 2 or 3 won't play immediately but 3,5, or 10 seconds later it starts to play. I hit pause and play again, this time the tracks that were not playing before will play but now different tracks won't play.

Another scenario that I am facing right now is, I have a certain audio track, in this case, the hi-hat which is playing throughout the whole track, but when I hit play the hi-hat may play for 30 seconds but then it cuts out and doesn't play for the rest of the song. Even though the waveform shows that there is still audio, it doesn't play at all, the audio file is fine as windows audio player plays it as it is without that issue. And these are issues I have only started having since Version 5. I have really been having this problem since I upgraded, I have done a reset on my Operating System, for other reasons to keep my system clean. So I have had to install a new clean version of Studio One, but yet I still have this problem. Importing the song into a new song doesn't fix it either so I am convinced this is a problem with Version 5.

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answered Oct 9 by darrenstewart4 (240 points)
I just wanted to add that I've been having the same problem ( so thought I'd check out if anybody else was having the issue and it seems I'm not alone.  It doesn't happen to me all the time but I'd say every 5-10 minutes I have an issue with some audio tracks not playing which either resolves itself if I just start and stop it a few times or else I close studio one and re-start it and things seem to have sorted themselves out.

I definitely didn't have this issue in version 4 and iirc it only started with the latest update to v5.
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answered Oct 9 by ucifehaul (240 points)
I have the same problems i will go back to studio one 4 and if this keeps happening i will propably have to move to another daw.
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answered Oct 13 by danielcaldern (170 points)
I have the same issue here. I upgraded yesterday to SO5 and been having those glitching issues. It was a fresh install, but I noticed that the Pro EQ is the one making the peformance jump.

I have a lot of work to do, so I hope they fix it REAALLY quickly.
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answered Oct 14 by jaronimo82 (230 points)
Im having the same issue after installing the new update today. Please fix the issue asap