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No input when connecting Quantum 2626 to 1818VSL via Adat

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asked Oct 9, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by jamesweeks2 (140 points)

I have searched the entire website for the answer and can't find anything. I have connected my Quantum 2626 to the 1818 via adat cables (both in and out) and Logic sees the channels. Clocks (2626 as ADAT an 1818 as internal) and rates (44.1) are set correctly and I get signal via the inputs on the Quantum but not from the 1818. I see all the channels in Logic Pro X but I get no signal from the 1818.  Quantum is connected to my mac via Thunderbolt 3.  What am I missing or misunderstanding?

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answered Oct 15, 2021 by antoniliyn (140 points)
hello, is it posible to corectly connect these two devices?

(sorry for necropost)
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answered Aug 16, 2022 by ahmo1965 (160 points)
I need to know this also. MacBook Pro M1 Thunderbolt 3.

 I have a 1818VSL and a Digimax 8.  I need 16 channels.  I need to connect at least one of my old interfaces with a Quantum 2626 I'm considering buying.