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How to get Audiobox iTwo to work with Samsung Galaxy S10e?

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asked Dec 2, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by ellendehm (120 points)
When I plug my new Presonus iTwo (from the Device  USB port on the back of the iTwo) into the usbC of my Galaxy S10e model SM-G97OU (running software version G970USQS4ETJ2), and try to video record with the phone's default camera, the camera uses the internal mic and ignores the iTwo. The cord has been tested and works.
I also downloaded One Camera and got the same result.

I can't find any settings on the phone to get it to switch from internal mic to the iTwo.

I did find a setting for external mic in Open Camera, but again, the video recording ended up with the internal mic despite setting it for an external mic.

Am I supposed to go through the headphone jack instead of the USB C, and if so, what kind of connections do I use?

Thank you.

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