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ATOM SQ - new pattern does not start at start of loop

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asked Dec 12, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by frankscheihing (200 points)
Is there an opportunity that a new pattern selected at ATOM SQ ("Add pattern") starts at beginning of the loop, even if song is playing somewhere in the middle of the loop?

It would be an important function to add patterns in tracks during playing of a loop.

It is not conveniant if the new pattern starts somewhere in the middle of the loop as it is today if I add a new pattern.

Thank you for reviewing this.

1 Answer

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answered Dec 14, 2020 by aka_busker (25,510 points)


This will help some because I wanted to do the same.  Smash out a loop, keep it looping while I create a variation.   Build a verse, play it meanwhile work on a chorus or middle 8 and drop it in the right place.  Similar to how I would use a loop pedal.

Follow these instruction to workaround your issue.  

  • Drop Impact Xt on to an empty channel.   
  • Press "ctrl+shift+p" to drop a pattern.   
  • Hit f2 to open the edit window.  
  • Look for an icon labelled [ I ] and click it to open the editor inspector.  
  • You should see three tabs  (Patterns, Store and Load).  Below this you should see your variations listed.  
  • There will be two options above the variations which have check boxes - one labelled "audition Notes" and the other labelled "editor follows cursor".  
  • Uncheck the editor follows Cursor option.

Now you should be able to build your loops and patterns while the others are playing back.  

I agree with your sentiment - you should be able to build loops easily while others are playing out.  I have made a feature request to get this function added as a hot key.   

Perhaps you could up vote this feature request that I have posted recently.  I would be grateful if you did because it would help let Presonus know that there are many of us who want this feature. wink