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I want to disable these inside Studio One

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asked Dec 16, 2020 in Look and Feel by koreymontplaisir (1,310 points)
Please understand these are my opinions, I understand I'm not everyone. I don't expect someone to like my ideas. I just want the ablity to disable or remove these features to better help me the way I work.

I would to be able to disable:

Volume faders - Why? I don't ever use them. I do all of my volume changes from the mix tool vst on each channel. I do this because it's easier for me to automate. Plus I'm able to drag and drop a track from the pool window and just know all the volume changes are there, because I don't use the fader ever.

Input controls - Just like above I do everything with mix tool. I mean everything. Every channel, every bus, even the master. No point for me to use both fader and input controls. I mostly don't use Input controls because they can be hidden. I dont' like the idea of having a volume change without me knowing. Plus very hard to read.

Scratch Pad - One main issue I noticed was it was adding db to some audio channels for some reason. For whatever reason I had a kick gaining volume when the scratch track would overlap my main transport, So I just quit using it.

VSTs - I would like to remove the ones I don't plan on using. I mean from my computer, I know I can hide them. Like Mai tai, mokito, presence plus the effects.

Shop tab / Network news - I noticed through glasswire that studio one was looking up stuff. So I Blocked it from my windows firewall. I want to be able to do this from inside the program.

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answered Dec 23, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (194,840 points)
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