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More accurate Keyswitch Editor [Needs to be split into separate Feature Requests]

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asked Dec 27, 2020 in MIDI Editing by rolandsippel (830 points)

Please make a more accurate and better Keyswitch Editor.

  1. Import for cubase expression maps. There are tons of Cubase XML maps out there for free or to buy for all big Libraries. The Presonus Exchange is nearly empty.  Example Free:
  2. MIDI CC and Event Trigger for Multi Instruments

Example from Cakewalk:

A. Search filter for the map library B. All available articulation maps; double-click to add map to project C. Import articulation maps D. Articulation maps in the current project E. Export the selected articulation map F. Create groups for mutually exclusive articulations G. Articulations in the selected group H. The selected articulation’s generated MIDI events I. The selected articulation’s transformed MIDI events 

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answered Dec 28, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (194,360 points)
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Please split these two ideas into separate Feature Requests. This topic will be removed in a few days.